Announcing Rise to the Challenger

Announcing Rise to the Challenger 1

  Rise to the Challenger has come about because, when we asked you if you felt well served by our industry, 81% of you said no. We were blown away by this statistic given that you’re the ones driving the majority of growth in this market. If we can enable you to thrive, the whole […]

Food & Drink Trends 2020

Food & Drink Trends 2020 2

January has come around quickly, and with it comes the predictions for the top food & drink trends of 2020.  This year will see a continuation of the big trends of 2019 including plant-based products, sustainability and ‘better for you’ eating. Plus predictions show a bigger offering in the low and no alcohol category and […]

Graduate Stories: Tara Patel

Graduate Stories: Tara Patel 3

This week we caught up with Tara, who, since the Young Foodies graduate programme, has been super busy getting hands-on experience in the world of food and drink. She has spent the last two months working as a sales and marketing intern at ManiLife. We wanted to know the ins, the outs and the truth behind what […]

Graduate Stories: Jack Shepheard

Graduate Stories: Jack Shepheard 4

Jack Shepheard, Economics Graduate, has been working as an intern superstar in food service for the meat-snacking brand Ember snacks. Jack has always had an interest in all things food and drink and now he is turning his passion into a career. He shares with Young Foodies Grads his story so far in the F&B […]

From Blue-Chip to Start-Up with Sam Akinluyi ex-Mars Sales Director

From Blue-Chip to Start-Up with Sam Akinluyi ex-Mars Sales Director 5

The world of blue chips (the big businesses) is a totally different beast to the start-up space the brands in the Young Foodies community operate in. It’s easy to think they’re all speaking the same language, but, fundamentally, brains are trained very differently across the two environments. We had a chat with Sam Akinluyi, ex Grocery […]

Lessons learnt with Pudology’s former Founder Lucy Orton

Lessons learnt with Pudology’s former Founder Lucy Orton 6

At the end of last year, we shared Series 1, Episode 2 of our Young Foodies Blue Plaster Podcast. In this episode our hosts Andy Allen and Young Foodies co-founder Chris Green were joined by former Pudology founder, Lucy Orton, to pick her brains and get an honest perspective on her brand journey…     What […]