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New brand launch

Brands partner with YF to launch and scale with pace, establishing them on a high growth trajectory from day one.

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For new brands who want to move faster and with confidence

From advisory to making it happen

"I need advice"

We can deploy a specialist advisor (or team of advisors) onto your business to ensure you have the right sounding boards and are able to make decisions quickly and with confidence.

These advisors can span all areas of your business depending on where your gaps lie. 

"I need you to do it for me"

If advisory is not enough, we can run brand ramp-up projects for you.

These are fully bespoke and can include setting up your supply chain, creating your financial models, establishing your systems infrastructure, defining your sales proposition and plan, and more.

"I need a mix of advice and action"

All our work is entirely bespoke to your needs so get in touch and we will put together the package required to deliver your objectives.

Why Milliways is one to watch in the chewing gum space

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Milliways founder Tom Raviv is serious about growth and was proactive about bringing support in to help accelerate the business from the get-go.

“I would recommend YF any day of the week. The level of service is super high, the team are so professional and the quality of help is honestly brilliant for people who are taking growth seriously.”

Tom Raviv, Founder

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Some of our clients since pre-launch

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Lucky Saint

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New Brand Launch Projects 7

Life Supplies

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Jelly Drops

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Get in touch with our team to discuss your brand’s launch plans and whether we can help.

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Theadora Alexander

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