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Since 2017, YF has run the UK’s most trusted community for innovative FMCG brands. Membership allows brands to rub shoulders with those that can really make a difference and, as a result, houses some of the most explosive brands in the industry. 

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Connect into other successful brands

Members can network with Founders and Leaders from fellow brands through formal and informal events both online and offline.

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Get inside the conversation with retailers

Members hear inside knowledge and stay in the know with our regular news updates, insight-based events and industry connections.

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Enjoy unique opportunities that drive growth

Members enjoy PR opportunities, commercial leads, discounts and more through our collaboration with press, media, retailers, investors and partners.

What’s included?

Pricing for membership Jan 1st - Dec 31st 2024

Membership is annual for the current calendar year. We operate a flat fee structure which gives membership access to five Founders or Leaders in each brand. There is a 100% discount for YF services clients.

We offer a one-month trial period upon joining.

For YF client brands


Credited against spend on YF services in year

For other brands

£708 annually

Trusted by brand leaders

“The YF Community’s breadth of events provides you with the opportunity to continuously meet new people from different brands, all helping you to see new ways of approaching and overcoming challenges.


It’s safe to say that VITHIT has benefited massively from being a member of the YF Community. “

UK Managing Director

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Upcoming events for members

If you are a Community member, keep an eye out in your diary for event calendar invitations, including information on location, timing and content.

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We typically host a Lessons from Leaders event each month which offers the chance to hear from key industry contacts and provides the latest insights from retailers. We also provide ad-hoc events on the pulse of new developments in the FMCG space. Events are offered either in-person or online and as a member you also get access to recordings.

Previous speakers at our events include Gordon Gafa, Commercial Director at Tesco, Claire Hughes, Director of Product and Innovation at Sainsbury’s and Louise Dolan, Trading Director at Waitrose.

Additionally, we organise two broader social gatherings annually – one in summer and another in winter, and entire teams are invited to these

Attendance is limited to brand ambassadors who are members of our community. Each brand can nominate up to five brand ambassadors, and they mut be in founder or leadership roles. However, our summer and winter social events are open to both brand ambassadors and their wider teams as an opportunity for the entire business to network.

All five brand ambassadors from each brand are welcome to attend our events. Occasionally, we may organise events exclusively for founders, which would be restricted to founders only.

When a brand signs up to the YF Community, up to five designated brand ambassadors gain access. Brand ambassadors must hold positions as founders or leaders within the business.

Membership renews annually in line with the calendar year, with each membership lasting for one year from 1st of January to 31st December.

The membership fee covers the calendar year and is not prorated. However get in touch if you are looking to join and we can have a chat.

Membership to the YF Community is considered a benefit for YF services clients, with the membership fee credited against service spend in that year.

For details on the services we provide and the process for becoming a client, please click here.

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