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About the course

Does opening your business’ spreadsheets intimidate you? Do you feel like there is a more efficient way but not know where to begin?

This course builds attendees’ confidence in using Excel to not only save hundreds of hours at work, but also establish business-wide quality standards. Over 2 days, in person, learn to build spreadsheets from scratch, navigate long and seemingly complicated formulae, and take away best practices for spreadsheet design. On the final day, attendees will build their own spreadsheets, using the practices they have learned.


  • Navigate a complex formula with logic and ease
  • No more feeling paralysed by a blank spreadsheet
  • Make every spreadsheet look professionally designed
  • Improve your own spreadsheets live in the session

The course covers:

  • Design best practices
  • The core formulae and functions including VLOOKUP, the IF family
  • Data manipulation
  • Data analysis including pivot tables, charts and dashboards
  • Shortcuts
  • The principles of modeling

Attendees will leave considerably more confident building spreadsheets from scratch and navigating long and complicated formulae.

Meet the trainer

Gina has over 10 years of experience as an Excel trainer and consultant. She has a background in finance from Morgan Stanley and is extremely passionate about the ways Excel can unlock potential and productivity. Gina is skilled at understanding the needs of training attendees to adapt what and how she teaches and is able to distil complex Excel functionality in a simple and practical way.

Designed for

We recommend this course for anyone working in consumer foods and not confident running complex spreadsheets.

Hear from your peers…

“”The YF Excel Course has helped carve hours off our work in the Operations department. I would recommend it to any FMCG professional!””


“This course has been an absolute life saver! I now feel confident when tackling an Excel sheet and well versed in syntax. Excel is far less intimidating than it was 6 weeks ago and now that I can create efficient spreadsheets, I’m sure I’m going to have so much more time on my hands to put towards other productive tasks, or to stand by the coffee machine and talk about the wonders of a nested IF with my colleagues!”


“This course has provided me with a brand new skill set that I will undoubtedly carry with me throughout my career. I can’t recommend it enough!”


“This is an absolutely fantastic course that I would highly recommend for anyone who uses Excel frequently. It has helped me save huge amounts of time and manipulate data in a much more useful way.”




  • Location and format: In-person in Central London
  • Duration: 2 days in-person on back-to-back weeks, followed by a series of virtual check ins over the next 4 months
  • Dates: April 2024
  • Price: £1,280 + VAT per attendee


Join us and unlock the potential of Excel. Reserve your spot today.


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