How Doisy & Dam scaled their supply chain profitably

Doisy & Dam’s founders wanted an independent party to assess their operation and give them a plan to work towards for the coming years.


Dark chocolate with a purpose

Doisy and Dam (“D&D”) are a Stage 2 BCorp brand producing delicious chocolate products. Founded by Ed and Rich, neither from FMCG backgrounds, they are a longstanding member of the YF Community. At the time of working closely together they were investing heavily in refreshing their brand and launching an entire new range of products in keeping with their new brand positioning.


No time to move beyond the everyday

With everything going on, the team did not have the capacity to think beyond the everyday supply chain – managing orders, producing, invoicing and dealing with the occasional issue. They suspected that their supply chain could be in much better shape but simply had not found the time to do a full assessment and establish a plan.

As highly commercial founders, they knew that with the amount they had invested in their products and brand, it would be a very valuable exercise to invest at the same time in their supply chain to uphold their brand promises and profitability.

They also had a new supply chain manager joining the business and so the team wanted a clear route forward that this manager could follow.

How Doisy & Dam scaled their supply chain profitably 1

A detailed assessment of their operation

The Doisy & Dam team requested for YF to come in and do a full assessment of their supply chain function. From systems and processes, to contracts and commercials, to partners and more, weeks they asked for a comprehensive report to then use as a driver of change within the business.

The report also doubled as an onboarding asset for a Supply Chain Manager that we had helped them to hire.

While they worked through the findings of the report, YF took over management of the everyday supply chain – giving the founders and new supply chain manager time to process.


More than 5x ROI

This process proved the founders right in their hunch about their supply chain. There were a number of immediate and urgent improvements to be made, including significant risk in their commercial contracts that the business was able to rectify before scaling up with key partners.

Among over 50 pure supply chain recommendations, we also recommended significant change in their meeting forums to improve time inefficiencies within the business. 

Overall, the value of change initiatives identified would have paid for itself in less than 8 weeks.

How Doisy & Dam scaled their supply chain profitably 2

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ The single biggest change we have seen since the Growth Audit is much greater alignment across the entire business. This service isn't only about instant cost savings, it's about increasing productivity, de-risking the business, and getting your total business in shape."

We really enjoyed working with Ed and Rich on this project. As highly astute founders, they were aware of the commercial implication of delaying issues in supply chain - every day that something is not solved it can be burning a hole in your pocket. They invested at the right time in their business and we are so pleased the investment paid off so quickly. We wish them all the success in their new phase of life and look forward to our continued working relationship."

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