How Oppo got over 7,000 new products onto Sainsbury’s shelves

The highly commercial Oppo team demonstrated the ROI in micromanaging in-store during your key trading periods. 


The darling child of better-for-you ice cream

Oppo are a Stage 4 brand producing healthier ice creams and puddings. Founded by 2 brothers, they have been the darling child of the better-for-you ice cream category for more than 5 years. With ice cream being highly seasonal, the team were aware that the value to capture in the summer peaks could make or break their year.


How Oppo got over 7,000 new products onto Sainsbury's shelves 1

Intensely competitive category with challenging store compliance

Oppo had a successful launch into Sainsbury’s but were well aware of the competitiveness in their category. It was critical that they continued to demonstrate their value and invest in the listing for the benefit of all.

They were looking to maintain their rapid pace of growth by maximising summer sales opportunities. They knew that 100% store availability was crucial to achieving this, but were also concerned that freezer aisles can be one of the least compliant areas of a store. If they were not well-stocked on shelf where they needed to be during the summer months, they would miss significant sales opportunities.
Oppo’s founders knew it would be a no-brainer business case to micromanage availability in store while their team focused on other priorities.


13 weeks of store micromanagement

Oppo’s senior account manager approached our team to help them design a 13-week field compliance project during the summer period. We helped them identify the stores with the highest ROI potential and then oversaw weekly visits to these stores. During these visits, the team worked with store managers to ensure there was enough stock on shelf, the windows were clear and enough stock was on order. We monitored data closely each week to ensure we could intervene where there were risks.

The Oppo team could oversee the impact with weekly reporting to ensure the summer was going to plan.


£32,000 worth of new stock on shelf

The hunch of the founders certainly paid off as they more than earned back their investment while also continued to showcase their value to the Sainsbury’s buying team. In the 1,142 store visits, the team found and actioned more than 8,449 interventions, adding over 7,200 units of stock to shelves. While it may take many hands to achieve this change, the activity was a no-brainer and gave everyone confidence as they closed the summer trading period.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ The team did a fantastic job over our key trading period. We outlined key strategic pillars for the field team focussing on availability, presence and stock weight over the course of the calls which were executed to a high standard. We would highly recommend working with Young Foodies."

There is nothing worse than product not being on shelf at a crucial trading time. Having seen the state of play in store when we went in, we are very relieved the team came to us proactively - the activity was really needed. We were delighted to work with them to outperform their category during the summer and were even more delighted to see the commercial impact coming out of the other side.

Are you getting the maximum value from your listings?

The easiest way to increase your sales is to ensure 100% on-shelf availability. Talk to us about how we can support you to achieve that.

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