Why hiring a 7/10 fit can kill your business

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At YF, our Recruitment Team refer to 10/10 fit candidates as ‘Gold Star Talent’.

These are the people that we know will add value in any business they enter into – the candidates we want to find a home in the brands we represent – because they will make such a difference.

Gold stars have it all: smart, determined, positive attitude, entrepreneurial in spirit, highly competent in the role. They are the people we all want in our businesses. But they are not easy to find.

All too often, we see brands cutting corners when recruiting and find themselves hiring a 7/10 fit that have applied via LinkedIn, Escape the City or another direct route. On the face of it they are strong, but ultimately they are not heroic. This corner cutting can harm a high growth new brand.

Why? Because there is nothing glaringly wrong. They are not hitting meteoric standards but they are also not doing a bad job either – certainly not enough for a performance review or issue. It is a critical seat in a small business taken by someone who is doing fine and this can set a standard for mediocrity across the business. That is how businesses die.

When we have a limited budget for headcount, every single person needs to earn their seat. Taking a proactive effort to find the right person is infinitely more likely to get it right than hoping the 10/10 lands in your inbox.

Remember this when interviewing – are they truly going to be a driver or a passenger?

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