How Dr Wills maximised their supply chain ROI

As a brand focused on profitable growth, Dr Wills decided a leaner team of third parties was the best operating model.


A better for you condiments range

Dr Wills is a brand focused on creating condiments with no refined sugar, additives or preservatives. As a Stage 2 brand, they are listed in retailers from Tesco to Waitrose and have a large and growing out of home presence. 

Dr Wills leadership team is ambitious to grow the business quickly, but in the right way. They have a great track record of bringing in the right experts to inject experience and support at every stage of life. 



How Dr Wills maximised their supply chain ROI 1

Supply chain distracting the founders from growth

When sales were picking up well, it did not take long for Liam to identify that every hour he was spending on a supply chain project or activity was an hour he was not spending on sales and growth.

He knew that if the Founders continued trying to do everything, they would slow themselves down and would do neither well. This was a risk they would not take. At the same time, hiring felt premature.


Finding the right third party support

Having known Dr Wills since its first productions, Liam approached our Supply Chain team to support. The brief was simple: “let me focus on what I am good at and be able to trust everything else is in good hands”.

Quickly, our Supply Chain team took over the everyday running of Dr Wills’ order-to-cash process. From strategic oversight and direction to processing orders and managing stock, Liam has demonstrated to the market that you can build a very successful business with a very lean in-house team (if you manage them well).

It has been several years of working and growing together as 2 businesses and we are delighted that the Dr Wills team have proven success in an outsourced operating model.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Working with Young Foodies has been brilliant for us. It’s enabled us to focus on growing our business whilst knowing that our operations are being managed smoothly and efficiently. They have always gone above and beyond, helping us to upgrade our supply chain processes and offering valuable insights to help us improve."

You know a team will succeed when they double down on their strengths. From day 1 Liam and the team have been so incredibly commercial about their approach to supply chain - realising early how impactful it can be on profitability and feeling confident to invest accordingly. Having worked with them from the very beginning to where they are now gives us a real sense of pride.

Need Supply Chain expertise parachuted into your business?

Our team can help you transform your supply chain and ultimately improve your bottom line.

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