How Native Snacks established a valuable manufacturing contract

As Native Snacks scaled their business with a third party manufacturer, they felt the commercial risk mounting and decided to take action. 


A new kind of healthy snack

Native Snacks was a Stage 1 brand producing popped lotus seed snacks. With ambitious founders without backgrounds in FMCG, they felt more out of their comfort zone with the technicalities in supply chain. Aware of the commercial role of supply chain, they sought advisors to set them up properly.

How Native Snacks established a valuable manufacturing contract 1

A potentially dangerous manufacturing contract in place

Native Snacks had been in discussions with their manufacturer and completed initial product trial in advance of their new launch. They had signed their manufacturer’s standard agreement but were not sure if it covered them for everything that mattered as a brand.

They had heard from the YF Team and other brand Founders how important this contract was and so wanted some legal advice to get it right for the long term.


Moving to a position of strength

Native Snacks worked with our legal team to take their contract from ‘ok’ to something they can feel absolutely confident in as they scale their business. We also coached them on navigating the conversations and negotiations to ensure the updated terms were accepted and signed.

The contract is now in place and the founders can focus on growth.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ You were so helpful explaining terms and jargon in the contract, guiding us around negotiating valuable points in the contract. Using your experience we understood what was normal and what needed to be changed to make it work for both parties."

How Native Snacks established a valuable manufacturing contract 2
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