Build big bold businesses that drive change

Consumerism has changed for good and it has changed for the better. The conscious consumer demands that brands show more integrity and authenticity in their approach to business and they want to engage with them in both online and offline worlds. The ever-evolving demands of the consumer have influenced mass changes in the consumer goods space, and it’s often the high-growth, innovative brands that we represent who are fastest off the starting line.

Build big bold businesses that drive change 1


Why are they so important?

Entrepreneurs are increasingly using their ventures as a platform for doing good at a time when business arguably plays a more influential role in the future state of our planet and people than politics. So, from a socio-economic and environmental perspective, the world would be a better place if the authentic high-growth brands changing the game can scale their businesses to truly influence on a macro level.



So, why don’t they?

Well, they try, but they operate in an industry that is only just waking up to the value that can be unlocked from supporting and nurturing small business. Entrepreneurs are passionate by their very nature — they drive progress through their drive and determination. However, quite often we see great brands that just fail to leave their mark due to a lack of resources, skills, or knowledge required to build a scalable ‘good’ business.


“A good business facilitates business for good”


Know when to ask for help

Amongst the many things that we do at YF, we have a credible team of supply chain experts who we have assembled from both SME and corporate worlds to assist brands in building the ‘good businesses’ alluded to earlier. We’ve worked with brands of all shapes and sizes in a multitude of ways to assist in unlocking their growth; avoiding costly mistakes, de-risking the business, and putting the necessary thought into preparing for those big growth opportunities.

The best founders learn to capitalise on their strengths early and surround themselves with experts to fill capability gaps; outsourced partners and in-house team.

Candy Kittens — Gourmet sweets.

“Having YF supporting our ops, means that my team is able to focus on value-add projects and we can lean on their support as we need it”

Annabelle Hill, Head of OperationsCandy Kittens

That’s where we come in. YF is a capability lead business and nowhere is our capability more evident than in our Supply Chain team. It’s what we do, and we do it to very high standards. Whether it’s running your supply chain for you, putting the necessary systems, process and infrastructure in place, or helping you to identify those troublesome pain points, we have the in-house expertise to take it to a new level. Our team are as passionate about the brands that we work with and the founders behind them. It’s in our DNA to care. The long-lasting partnerships that we have already formed are a testament to our abilities and approach but don’t take our word for it.


If any of this resonates with you and you would like to explore working with us, have a read of our services page or get in touch.

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