Why Entrepreneurial Talent is so Exciting

Why Entrepreneurial Talent is so Exciting 1

At YF, we spend our days talking to entrepreneurial people who have been changing the landscape of food and drink. We are always amazed by their creativity and ability to work together to get results.

Entrepreneurial talent can be the difference between gaining that new listing, or unlocking the potential in your current team.

Here is why we think it is vital that you look to entrepreneurial talent.

They Are Used To Working Cross-Functionally

We find that with these people, they are comfortable working in different functions.

They won’t just operate within their team and won’t be constrained by their job title. They love the challenge of change and enjoy the variety it can bring.

There are not big teams to rely on and whereas in bigger businesses you might see a role being broken down into smaller roles, in their world they will have to be able to turn their hand to many things.

They Are Used To Operating With Little Budget

There are not huge pots of cash to spend on consumer insights. They haven’t got a team of NPD technologists to brainstorm with or sourcing specialists to secure key ingredients.

They’ve got to be bold. They have to think big and they’ve got to do it all without the support functions.

They won’t have a big marketing budget, so their campaigns have to be fresh and memorable. Then, once the product is bought, it has to hit the spot and create brand loyalty.

They Are Used To Moving Rapidly

Because they operate with tighter budgets, moving quickly is their thing.

The speed these people can move at is phenomenal. They are constantly adapting to consumers demands; tweaking, tinkering and refining their products.

The choice we’ve all had when shopping has exploded in recent years, and a big part of that has been down to the people in our network.

Champions of Innovation

The people we work with have a winning mindset. They see the status-quo and ask “How can I make this better?”

They’re driven by a desire to change things and to improve people’s lives through the food and drink they create.

They’re not used to things being perfect before they start work. They can work with half ideas or fragments and flesh it out and turn it into something that will win that new listing and increase your sales.

There’s just a few reasons why we love entrepreneurial people.

YF has access to a pool of entrepreneurial talent. If you would like to learn more about how we can employ these people in to your business, get in touch with our Recruitment team today.

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