Are you retaining your talent?



Founders in FMCG are spending more than ever before on training their employees in order to retain talent and attract the best teams. Here’s why…


1. Essential for talent retention and attracting the best teams

At a time when the recruitment market is hugely competitive, access to development opportunities is one of the main reasons employees join or stay in a role. Shrewd founders are using L&D programmes as a way of incentivising the best talent in a win-win way. And it really works.

2. Takes the weight off leaders to teach everything

Founders and leaders have recognised that they already have enough plates to spin without being responsible for the training of their entire teams. The best investments they can make are those saving them time to focus on the things that matter. That is why, this year more than ever before, they have invested in training through YF.

3. An opportunity for team building

Small businesses can sometimes forget the importance of looking up from the day and day, taking time out as a team to learn, develop and grow. Private training allows all members of your business to have access to the same opportunities for growth and development, plus spend time with colleagues they may not otherwise. 

4. It allows brands to move faster

Everyone gets there eventually, but the most successful brands are those that can keep pace with their own opportunities. For founders due to grow 100%+ in a year, they understand that it requires extra investment to allow their teams to remain drivers of growth, not bottlenecks of it.

5. Enables a quicker return on salary investment

Development should be an investment that pays back through reduced recruitment fees, less stagnation through churn, more productivity per head and ultimately a stronger workforce. Commercially astute founders realise that it is a financial no-brainer to spend an additional 5-10% on top of the salary bill to make the team unstoppable.

Why YF is the most popular option for challenger brands

1. Highly flexible and wide ranging curriculum

Almost 40 courses for all levels and disciplines. 

2. Speaks the language of high-growth, innovative brands

Built for SMEs – we know the language you speak and tailor the courses so your teams get the most from them.

3. Easy for founders and leaders

One partner for the whole team. With a far-reaching curriculum, we are the one-stop shop for all of your training needs. Just share your learning objectives with us and we can sort the rest.

4. Truly invested trainers

Our trainers are experts in what they do and are passionate about the topic they are teaching. That is why you will find all testimonials from brands are praising the trainers – it is all down to them.

5. Affordable

We have built our training to be affordable across the range of team budgets in our community of brands.

Creating your L&D structure 

If you are interested in implementing an official L&D structure into your business, we can help. Created with high-growth brands in mind and led by hand-picked industry experts, YF training courses are designed to give you and your team the tools you need to propel everyone to excellence.

If you would like to learn more about YF Training please contact our team.

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